Holistic Rehabilitation for Divyang Children

Snehasadan Divyang Mulanchi Shala is a residential school for orthopedically challenged and cerebral palsy children. Our aim is to provide holistic rehabilitation through primary and high school education, basic training in computers and crafts, and cultural activities like dance, music, and sports. We also provide regular medical check-ups and treatment, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy
Our facilities include
  • Primary Education within the Institution
  • High School Education in a nearby School
  • Basic Training in Computers and Crafts
  • Cultural Activities like Dance, Music, and Sports
  • Regular Medical Check-Ups and Treatment
  • Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy
  • Diagnosis and Medication for Common Ailments
  • Centre for Early Intervention
  • Corrective Surgery and Pre-Operative and Post-Operative Therapy
  • Provision of Appliances based on the Child’s Need and Disability