Meeting by District Social Welfare Department

A monthly review meeting was organized by the District Social Welfare Department in the institution on 24/ 9 /2022. The meeting was attended by Nagpur District Social Welfare Officer Shri. Kishore Bhoyer, Shri. Prahlad Lande, HOD, Wardens and Clerks from all special Schools and Vocational training Institutions. Sister Irene, Secretary of the organization gave a brief introduction to the organization and its goals. During the meeting, Shri.Kishore Bhoyer provided valuable guidance and feedback on the importance of student education and training, health, hygiene, cleanliness of the surroundings, and all-around development of the specially-abled children. He also emphasized the responsibilities of the staff working in this special field, and provided suggestions and recommendations for improving the institution’s programs and services. This was an important opportunity for the institution to receive feedback and guidance from a respected and knowledgeable organization, and make necessary changes to improve the overall experience for the students.

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