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Kripasadan A Sweet Home for the Elderly Kripasadan provides residential accommodation for senior citizens to spend their last days in peace and joy. Our aim is to provide a “sweet home away from their own home.” We offer regular medical check-ups and treatment for their ailments, as well as cultural, recreational, and spiritual facilities within […]
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Prernalaya Vocational Training for Divyang Youth Prernalaya provides vocational training for 50 orthopedically challenged boys and girls between the ages of 18 and above. They receive training in various skills such as computer operation, cutting and tailoring, embroidery, knitting, cane work, handicraft, greeting card making, screen printing, and various arts and crafts. Our facilities include: […]
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Snehasadan Holistic Rehabilitation for Divyang Children Snehasadan Divyang Mulanchi Shala is a residential school for orthopedically challenged and cerebral palsy children. Our aim is to provide holistic rehabilitation through primary and high school education, basic training in computers and crafts, and cultural activities like dance, music, and sports. We also provide regular medical check-ups and […]
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